UV glue is a transparent, high-intensity, fast UV-curing acrylate adhesive. It is great glue to use in bonding and fixing of crystals and metals without a shadow.

  • Item Number: UV GLUE
  • Price: $3.00/PC/0.5 OZ
  • Free Shipping, USP MAIL for ABCGLASWARE Crystal candelabra customer only.
  • Instructions for use:                                                                                                                                          1. 1.  The adhesive surface clean, dry and free of grease.
    2. Apply thin layer glue on the surface. Use tape fix two parts together, make it no move.
    2. Use UV lamp or just use the sunshine to have radiation on connection parts.
    3. The operation should not squeeze too hard, to be sticky, and shall not be repeatedly moved apart adhered.
    4. To remove the excess glue with a knife to scrape the glue overflow, or a soft cloth, paper towel.
  • Curing time:
    15 Minutes Under the sunshine or  UV light.
  • Caution: Keep it away from Children; never expose to the sun light except using it.


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